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About Developers' Research Centre

DRC is a software manufacturing company and hosting server provider in Tripura since 2015. The team involve with DRC having a lot of experience in developing website, web application,android application,database management,IT project support,graphics designing,server administration, hosting service providing,customized software development,E-Commerce solution,E-Newspaper solution etc. We have a flexible dealing nature from the begaining with our customer or client.

  • E-Commerce Application development (Industry level solution like top class e-commerce business model Amazon/Flipkart etc.).
  • Native Android application development (Fully Native and customized modern android application development.
  • NFT and Digital ART (We also offer industry standard NFT designs for those organization who willingly compete the current NFT market around the global).
  • Digital/e-Restaurant Management system(DRC also offer a modern age e-restaurant management system, a so called old restaurant management system killer in short pen and paper task killer for a restaurant to defeat rush hour management).
  • Professional web-site/web application development(DRC is highly experienced in B2C model and B2B model web-site and web application development.We offer low cost development fee for small scale to large scale organization to develop their own web-site and web application).
  • One and only successful web hosting provider in Tripura since 2015.(DRC offer a reasonable price package to build your own hosting server or shared virtual private server-VPS for your business management.We also offer to setup your own customized FTP server specially for school,colleges,universities or private organizations).
  • DRC also offer IT consultancy service in the field of warehouse Database Management/Software application development/Android App Development/ Website development etc.

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