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Welcome to DRC | Developers' Research Centre

Our Objective

Area of implementation

  • E-Commerce Application development (Industry level solution like top class e-commerce business model Amazon/Flipkart etc.).
  • Native Android application development (Fully Native and customized modern android application development.
  • NFT and Digital ART (We also offer industry standard NFT designs for those organization who willingly compete the current NFT market around the global).
  • Digital/e-Restaurant Management system(DRC also offer a modern age e-restaurant management system, a so called old restaurant management system killer in short pen and paper task killer for a restaurant to defeat rush hour management).
  • Professional web-site/web application development(DRC is highly experienced in B2C model and B2B model web-site and web application development.We offer low cost development fee for small scale to large scale organization to develop their own web-site and web application).
  • One and only successful web hosting provider in Tripura since 2015.(DRC offer a reasonable price package to build your own hosting server or shared virtual private server-VPS for your business management.We also offer to setup your own customized FTP server specially for school,colleges,universities or private organizations).
  • DRC also offer IT consultancy service in the field of warehouse Database Management/Software application development/Android App Development/ Website development etc.


Steps towards got a handshake mode with us

Study your requirement and ask for a visit to DRC
Cost Analysis
Cost analysis and signing of agreement with DRC
Documentation for assessment of any modification.
Finalizing phase-I documentation and process to dev.
Involvement in work activity

Presentation call for phase-I development to you
Phase-II requirement identification for final shape.
Phase-II modification will be done for final shape.
Final testing for new modification and ready to live.
Go Live
Go Live with the final product and start your business.

Head Office

West Pratapgarh
Office(+91 9774732411/8731005362) / E-mail : support@drcweb.in
Website : http://www.drcweb.in
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